The Quest For A Happy Life

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The Quest For A Happy Life


Would you consider yourself to be a happy person? Are you seeking ways which could you to have a happier life? I am a person who basically is after a very simple and happy life. I do not crave fast cars, I do not wish to live in a huge mansion, I do not need to have lavish and expensive holidays abroad each year. In this article, I describe the type of lifestyle that would and does bring joy and happiness to my life.

I am a very proud father of two wonderful children. These children have an ability to make me smile when I am at my most depressed. They are very confident and live life to the full. They have an abundance of energy and are basically from what I can tell, having a very enjoyable childhood.

I am also engaged to be married and my fiancée is in full time employment. On most mornings, she will leave the house at around seven in the morning to go to work and will return home at around half past four in the afternoon. I am self-employed and this enables me to take my children to school and to also collect them from school. I love to be able to do this and just this morning was a prime example of why I do. My son, who is five years of age, woke up at about half past seven. I was already downstairs feeding our animals. He strolled down and asked if I could make him some breakfast. He did this with a huge smile on his face. He then ate his breakfast whilst watching some of his favourite television programs.

A little later, I handed him his clothes and asked him to get dressed. As it is quite a hot day, he wore his shorts and looked so cute later as we walked to school, as he was also wearing his baseball cap. As he lined up outside his classroom, he started to talk to his teacher and to his friends. I thought to myself that most fathers would never have the pleasure of seeing their children in these situations and I felt very happy and contented. Most fathers just like my fiancée, leave the house early and do not arrive home until after school has finished. I am sure a lot of them like it this way, but I want to spend as much time as possible with my own children.

I do not earn a massive amount of money as a self-employed person, however am able to earn enough to have what I consider to be a good quality of life. I hope to be able to continue this standard of living by working hard to keep my business alive. My accountant believes I should be working longer hours and that if I did, I could probably double my earnings. This may well be true, but it would no doubt come at a price. In my opinion, money is not the be all and end all. Money is not something that makes me happy, spending the maximum amount of time with my children does.

I am not envious of people when they tell me how much they earn, or when they tell me what car they drive, or when they tell me that they have just bought a villa in Tenerife for example. I am very happy as I am and these things are just not important to me. Each to their own of course.

I have in the past worked in what most people would call a nine to five environment. At this stage of my life I did not have any children and I was happy to work there.

As a self-employed person, I am now able to work at different times of the day and a lot of the work I do, I do in the evenings when my children and fiancée have gone to sleep.

I think I am one of the lucky ones and hope that this happiness continues for months to come. I am sure that my children also enjoy the fact that I am able to spend so much quality time with them.

Gerald Pilcher

Gerald Pilcher

Through my writings, my aim is simple to inspire, motivate, and guide individuals as they navigate their personal journey toward self-improvement.