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Greetings, I am ebook author Gerald Pilcher, I currently live on the borders of Cheshire and Staffordshire in the UK,
I was born and raised in the the Garden of England in the county of Kent and I am known to some by the pen names “Dave or Sue Mills”.
My life has been a tapestry woven across three countries, where I’ve served as an engineer and embraced the perpetual student within me.

Now in my seventies, I’ve weathered life’s peaks and valleys.
Yet, there existed a woman who occupies a cherished corner of my heart the one I hold dearest.
Sadly, she recently departed from this world, leaving behind a rich tapestry of memories spanning life’s spectrum.

In the fabric of time, I’ve witnessed myriad events some uplifting, others challenging.
Several years ago, a pivotal moment led me to translate my thoughts and life lessons into words, marking a significant shift in my journey.

As an ardent reader with an unwavering belief in personal development, I naturally gravitated toward the self-help genre.
Fueled by a fervor for aiding others and a commitment to making a positive impact,
I devoted myself to crafting insightful and empowering ebooks. On the lighter side I have also produced brain teasing publications.

Through my writings, my aim is simple to inspire, motivate, and guide individuals as they navigate their personal journey
toward self-improvement.

Welcome to the world of Gerald Pilcher eBooks, a space where you’ll discover a collection of works crafted with genuine care
and the sincere intention to help you unearth and maximize your true potential.

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